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Rx Fitness +: Healthcare Study Tour + Wellness Retreat to Costa Rica

(Ce programme n’est pas disponible en français.)

Healthcare Study Tour + Wellness Retreat to Costa Rica
San Jose, Corcovado, Guanacaste
March 9-19, 2015

Rx Fitness+ is a unique wellness and performance program within the Centre Fitness Plus at The Ottawa Hospital for healthcare professionals designed to address professional excellence through personal wellness. Participants will develop personal wellness through health coaching and physical fitness sessions customized to their needs both on location at an Ecolodge retreat in the rainforests of Costa Rica in combination with an international healthcare study tour.

Who should register?

This program is for you if you can say YES to any or all of the statements below:
  • Are you a healthcare professional passionate about making a positive impact on the delivery of services in your country?
  • Are you keen on being among the ‘global elites’, who draw their vision from an international perspective to cater to
  • global needs at a local level?
  • Are you excited about working at your peak potential to deliver excellent services that require mental clarity and physical
  • fitness?
  • Do you wish to excel professionally with global networks but also at a personal level so that you are able to be at the top
  • of your game at home, in your community, and being a leader that needs no titles?
  • Do you wish to be the problem solver who leads his teams with fun and laughter because you are feeling 100% in your
  • body and mind?
  • Do you wish to exchange creative ideas with people who care for their own health before they can deliver to others?

Professional Excellence
  • International Healthcare perspective
  • Healthcare professional networking
Personal Wellness
  • Physical fitness
  • Nutritional Empowerment
  • Mental Clarity
Rx Fitness+ will support the participants build credible partnerships with international healthcare organizations to provide a holistic perspective of the system as well as enable innovative brainstorming in a relaxed setting.

The Program

Rx Fitness+ has a vision to be “Canada’s program of choice that addresses unique needs for personal fitness of healthcare professionals who are passionate about professional excellence through personal wellness, professional global networks and continuing education outside the classroom”.

As participants of the March 2015 retreat and study tour, you will also access 3 free personal sessions after the retreat and a 50% discounted membership to 3 months of holistic health coaching and personal fitness training customized to your needs.

For information on the itinerary, accommodations and registration view the tour information sheet.

New early bird rate: $3,000.00 (Nov 5, deadline)

Why combine study tour with wellness?

Studies show that healthcare professionals who achieve professional excellence also practice personal wellness through 6 different dimensions of well-being: self-acceptance, positive relations with other people, autonomy, environmental mastery, purpose in life, and personal growth. In order to achieve this level of wellness, they need support as well as be involved with family and colleagues in positive


Participants will explore how the Costa Rican private and public healthcare works in partnership. You will visit medical colleges, private and public hospitals, regional health and disease management centres, meet Costa Rican management and clinical leaders and brainstorm the policies, creative solutions to some Canadian healthcare issues and also share successes in Canada to support Costa Rican healthcare delivery issues.

You will also take part in 5 days of wellness retreat in the Corcovado national park and participate in yoga and other fitness exercises to empower yourself with some fitness routines back home. You will also discover how you can offer and take support from your peers.

Some activities will include zip lining, horse back riding, bird watching, hiking.


Anick Lavoie - Anick has been successfully training clients for their physical fitness goals for over 15 years. Co-owner and Director of Centre Fitness Plus, at the Ottawa hospital Civic and General Campuses since 2001. Anick teaches a variety of programs and fitness classes. She is a certified personal trainer, group fitness and barre class instructor, yoga teacher and reiki healing level 2 practitioner. Anick's passion and unique holistic approach for health and fitness makes her an expert in her field, helping individuals reach their personal wellness goals.

Sarah Musavi - PhD, MHA, certified Health Coach- Sarah is a biochemist and a healthcare management consultant. Sarah has been providing research for performance improvement consulting in private. Governmental and community organizations for over 10 years and has international research and healthcare experience. Sarah is a certified Health Coach, Laughter Yoga and Nordic Walking instructor. Sarah has successfully coached several clients for achieving their wellness goals as well as presented corporate workshops to improve personal wellness and professional development.

Daniela Corrales - General Manger at Promed, Costa Rica, Facilitator for international healthcare programs Luis Cabezas - Regional Manager, Americas, Europe and the Caribbean for Accreditation Canada International

For information on the itinerary, accommodations and registration view the tour information sheet.

1A qualitative study of physicians' own wellness-promotion practices, Eric L Weiner, Geoffrey R Swain, Barbara Wolf, and Mark Gottlieb,

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