Wednesday, February 27, 2013

College to Launch National Mentorship Program / Le Collège s’apprête à lancer un Programme national de mentorat

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The Canadian College of Health Leaders is establishing a National Mentorship Program to further develop leadership capacity in Canada, to promote knowledge exchange between leaders, and to provide additional support and learning opportunities to future and aspiring leaders.

Although this marks a first in terms of a national mentorship deliverable, the College has been involved in several mentorship initiatives at the chapter level, and a unique private/public mentorship pilot program.  In the most recent issue of Healthcare Quarterly (Vol. 15 No.4  2012), Paul Castonguay, CHE, College Board Director and Regional Customer Value Leader with F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd. describes the private/public mentorship pilot program in an insightful article entitled: “An Extra-organizational Mentorship Pilot for Canadian Health Leaders”.  In Mr. Castonguay’s article, he outlines the potential for leadership development through mentorship, the importance of sharing tacit knowledge and the benefits that both mentors and mentees gain from participating in the program. In addition he notes that the pilot program has “helped to advance partnerships based on trust and respect across the two sectors.”

Health Professionals’ Roundtable for Strategy program overview / Le programme Stratégies d’évaluation des professionnels en santé

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What is the Health Professionals’ Roundtable for Strategy?

The first and only program of its kind in Canada, the Health Professionals’ Roundtable for Strategy (HPRS™) is an exclusive think tank of health care leaders grouped in client panels to express their views and opinions based on their own knowledge and experience in the health care system. When the College’s corporate members expresses a need for focused, yet informal, advice concerning their marketing strategies; market dynamics; environments; business models; approach to market; and existing and/or proposed products and/or services, the College identifies health care leaders willing to share their time and talents with participating corporate clients for this purpose.

Recognizing our members anniversaries: 2013 / Des anniversaires qui méritent d'être soulignés: 2013

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On behalf of the College Board of Directors, College chapters and national office staff, it is our pleasure to recognize and extend our special appreciation to College members who have to date renewed their 2013 membership and are celebrating a milestone anniversary with the College. We invite you to join us in congratulating these valued members.

Developing countries may hold answers for Canada’s health and social system / Le système de services sociaux et de santé du Canada pourrait s’inspirer des pays en développement pour trouver des réponses

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Local prioritization of priorities

Returning from a recent trip to Sierra Leone, Africa I am profoundly imprinted with the experience. The country people are resilient, determined and hopeful. They’ve refined the art of prioritizing the priorities, and intuitively understand the importance of social determinates of health. Despite extreme poverty and hardship, the people were jovial and committed to helping one another, especially those most vulnerable.

New Members: February 2013 / Nouveaux membres: février 2013

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Period of January 15, 2013 to February 14, 2013—listed by Chapters:

New College Active Members

BC Lower Mainland
Lorraine Brooker (born Blackburn)
Director, Professional Practice, Vancouver Coastal Health (Vancouver, BC)

Max Coppes
President, BC Cancer Agency (Vancouver, BC)

College members-on-the-move: February 2013 / Membres du Collège à l'affiche: février 2013

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Period of January 15, 2013 to February 14, 2013—listed by Chapters:

BC Lower Mainland

Philip H. Barker, CHE
FROM: Vice President, Information Management, Fraser Health Authority (Surrey, BC)
TO: Vice President, Informatics and Transformation Support, Fraser Health Authority (Surrey, BC)

Christine J. Daly, CHE
FROM: Clinical Manager, University Health Network – Toronto Rehab (Toronto, ON)
TO: Nursing Policy Consultant, College of Registered Nurses of BC (Vancouver, BC)

Thank you for your 2013 National Awards Program nominations / Nous aimerions remercier toutes les personnes qui ont proposé des candidats dans le cadre du Programme national des prix

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We would like to thank everyone who submitted a nomination for the 2013 National Awards Program. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the entries received this year and look forward to showcasing the award recipients in Niagara Falls, Ontario at the National Awards Gala and the College’s Annual General Meeting, both on Sunday, June 9, 2013. The 3M Health Care Quality Team Awards and the Robert Wood Johnson Awards will be presented at the National Health Leadership Conference on June 10 - 11, 2013.

Webinar: LEADS hosted by the Emerging Health Leaders / Webinaire : LEADS parrainé par Emerging Health Leaders

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LEADS in a Caring Environment: Update

Hosted by the Emerging Health Leaders (EHL), and moderated by their national chair, Jocelyn Chisamore, this 80 minute discussion focuses on the LEADS in a Caring Environment Leadership Capabilities Framework and leadership issues.

With an agenda tailored to EHL, topics include the genesis of the LEADS framework; the diffusion of LEADS nationally and internationally; organizational success stories; future directions; and how to make LEADS work for you.

Healthcare Ghost Busting series with Hugh MacLeod / La série d’essais Healthcare Ghost Busting, par Hugh MacLeod

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Hugh MacLeod
You never know what will cause a chain reaction.

In the past year, I penned a pair of essays for Longwoods Publishing about the “The Ghost of Healthcare Despair”. The essays were well-received and resonated so strongly with Longwoods’ readers that they have invited me to create an entire series focused on “ghost busting” in healthcare.

For each essay in the series, I’ve invited a different co-author to join me as we explore the twists and turns in our healthcare system – with the Ghost of Healthcare Despair, who represents the voice of the cynic, not far behind.

Colour Outside the Lines: A Reverse Innovation Challenge for Canadian Health Systems / Aller au-delà des lignes : Un défi d’innovation inversée pour les systèmes de santé canadiens

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Colour Outside the Lines: A Reverse Innovation Challenge for Canadian Health Systems is an open challenge to inspire current and future leaders to become active participants in shaping the transformation of our health care system. We are calling on all Canadians — students, health care professionals, entrepreneurs, IT specialists, patients, development workers and everyone in between — as well as innovators from around the world, to come together to generate reverse innovation projects that can address some of our biggest health challenges. Colour Outside the Lines is focused on finding innovations that are being successfully applied in the developing world/emerging markets that offer potential innovation to the Canadian Health System. We encourage you to challenge the status quo, develop unlikely partnerships and look at the world a little differently. Click here to learn more.

Our history: Book review - The Managerial Woman / Notre histoire : Critique - The Managerial Woman

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The Managerial Woman by Margaret Henning and Anne Jardim
Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1977

Reviewed by Ms. Linda Solomon, Director of Library, Canadian Hospital Association

Mrs. Margaret Henning and Anne Jardim, both of whom earned their doctoral degrees from Harvard Business School and who founded the Graduate Program in Management for women at Simmons College in 1973, are the co-authors of this book written with the aim of creating an understanding of the critical differences in beliefs, assumptions, behavioral style, and means of responding to management situations that men and women exhibit daily.