Thursday, February 23, 2012

Community for Excellence in Health Governance: Governance Development Program / Communauté d’action pour l’excellence en gouvernance de la santé : Programme de développement de la gouvernance

(Ce programme n’est pas disponible en français.)

The Community for Excellence in Health Governance (CEHG) is proud to announce the sponsorship by the Directors College of its newly launched Governance Development Program. The Directors College will be providing faculty referrals, and contributing to the development of the CEHG’s distance learning program through curriculum guidance and review. The program will be targeting health board members and senior executives across Canada, at all levels of the health system.

The Governance Development Program is an online, interactive course aimed at boosting the capacity of health sector boards across the country. Governance in the health sector is particularly challenging as boards need to manage not only financial performance, but also quality of care in a politicized environment. High performance often begins with the board, whose responsibilities include, amongst others, the selection of the CEO and approving strategy.

“The sponsorship of the Directors College is most welcome, and should go far in advancing health governance education. It will help us provide a superior learning experience for board members and senior executives in a highly accessible way,” said Thomas Philpott, Executive Director of the Community for Excellence in Health Governance.

“The Directors College seeks to enhance the capabilities of corporate directors in all sectors through education. We are delighted to support CEHG’s innovative distance learning program to improve health governance across the country,” said Dr. Chris Bart, Principal and Lead Professor of The Directors College.

The Directors College, a joint venture of The Conference Board of Canada and McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business, is a national leader in governance education. The Directors College is widely recognized for its Chartered Director Program, which grants a university designation to those who have completed the entire program.

The Community for Excellence in Health Governance helps boards and senior leaders drive performance in their organizations through innovative governance and leadership education, networking and webbased support services, as well as evidence‐based collaborative projects.

For more information, please contact:

Thomas G. Philpott
Executive Director
The Community for Excellence in Health Governance
Office: 514-412-4435

Yvonne Squires
Communications Specialist
The Conference Board of Canada
Office: 613-526-3090 ext. 221

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