Thursday, April 21, 2011

Conference Board of Canada: Human Resource Management in Healthcare 2011 / Conference Board du Canada: Human Resource Management in Healthcare 2011

(Ce programme n’est pas disponible en français.) 

Members of the Canadian College of Health Leaders save $400 when you register for the Conference Board of Canada’s Human Resource Management in Healthcare 2011 Conference in Calgary on May 3rd. Simply quote rebate code PRM9 when you register to get your special rate.

Join us to find out how to increase the effectiveness of healthcare human resource (HR)management in your organization, and capitalize on the benefits of systems-based HR planning. You’ll also discover how other healthcare HR leaders are transforming their workforces with innovative planning, training, and optimization strategies.

Topics and panel discussions will include:
  • The workforce transformation of 90,000 employees at Canada’s largest healthcare service organization, Alberta Health Services, presented in three sessions by “on the ground” panelists
  •  A quantitative look at workforce planning, training, and optimization in three different healthcare settings
  • Separating “the conjecture from the facts” on new Health Informatics, HIS, and HIM competency profiles
  • Case studies that illustrate the skills gap between e-health teams and Clinical Informatics
  • Your accountability under the Alberta Health Services’ Workplace Engagement Plan
  • Where you can improve HR policy alignment with B.C.’s Provincial Health Services Authority’s “imPROVE” initiative
  • How the tools and e-learning technologies you use compare to the other options available
  • Obtaining senior management buy-in for new HR initiatives during healthcare funding constraints
  • The new management skill sets your department will need to manage healthcare competency mapping
Don’t forget to enter rebate code PRM9 when you register to receive your special CCHL member rate—a savings of 400!  For more information, contact Tracie Jones at or 613-526-3090 x 286.

Attendance at this program entitles certified Canadian College of Health Leaders members (CHE / Fellow) to 3.5 Category II credits toward their maintenance of certification requirement.

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