Monday, May 2, 2016

Cancellation of 2016 Healthcare Study Tour to Italy

(Ce programme n’est pas disponible en français.)

Dear Colleagues,

I regret to inform you that the College has not received sufficient interest to offer the 2016 Italy Study Tour and therefore has decided to cancel the tour.

As a College we have been offering international study tours for over 15 years and these tours have been great opportunities to learn from other countries, exchange knowledge, develop professionally, build relationships and network. We have visited Sweden, Norway, the UK, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Italy. The quality of learning, networking and knowledge exchange was highly valued by those who participated in these tours. Many of the insights gained have been shared broadly in a variety of events, published articles and presentations and we have also been involved in tours to Canada from colleagues from other countries that we visited on our trips.

Cancelling the tour is a very hard decision to make based on all of the success we have experienced with international learning. For 2017 we will be taking a moratorium on international tours while we study the market and determine whether study tours should remain as a College program and if so, in what form and to what locations, either internationally or within Canada. In our review we will be reaching out to previous study tour participants as well as other individual and corporate members for feedback and perspectives.

I extend appreciation to our College tour facilitators who have been instrumental over the years in helping us plan and deliver some exceptional tours - John King, CHE; Don Philippon, FCCHL and Gino Picciano, CHE who provided their ideas, insights and volunteered their time in support of the College; and Claudia Barbiero from the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario, our superb Italian facilitator, and Torbjörn Pelow, our extraordinary facilitator and leadership colleague from Sweden,who collaborated with our team on multiple tours and connected with all of the organizations and governing agencies that we visited while on tour. We are very grateful. Grazie.

Ray J. Racette, CHE
College President and Chief Executive Officer

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