Monday, May 2, 2016

Join us for Healthcare Management Forum’s first tweetchat

(Ce programme n’est pas disponible en français.)

Be part of the conversation on Tuesday, May 10th at 8:30 p.m., EDT.

Where does nursing reside in the array of professions that contribute to the effectiveness and sustainability of health systems through leadership? Join authors as they discuss the possibilities in the College’s first Healthcare Management Forum tweetchat.

We have partnered with Colin Hung, co-Founder of the Healthcare Leadership Community - #HCLDR, to deliver a tweetchat focused on nursing and inspired by the May 2016 edition of the journal. Special guests include Alexandra Harris, Sandy Wilson and Kathleen Klaasen.

Twitter handles, Forum articles, tweetchat topics and instructions can be found below.


  1. #HCLDR – @hcldr and Colin Hung – @Colin_Hung
  2. Canadian College of Health Leaders – @CCHL_CCLS

  1. Colin Hung – @Colin_Hung
  2. #HCLDR – @hcldr
  1. Alexandra Harris, RN, CHE, MN/MHSc, PhD(c), University of Toronto – @AlexHarrisRN
  2. Sandy Wilson, RN, BSc, Team Manager, WRHA Home Care Program – @WRHASandy
  3. Kathleen Klaasen, RN, MN, GNC(c), Clinical Nurse Specialist, WRHA Home Care Program – @wrhakathleen
  1. “Nursing to achieve organizational performance: Consider the role of nursing intellectual capital”Alexandra Harris
    Abstract: The success and performance of healthcare organizations relies on the strategic management of knowledge. Nursing Intellectual Capital (NIC) has emerged as a concept involving nursing knowledge resources that create value in healthcare organizations. This article aims to discuss the importance of considering knowledge resources in the context of healthcare performance, with specific reference to NIC. Reflections are then provided on how leaders can look to advance NIC for improved performance.
  2. “From primary nurse to collaborative nursing care team: Early feedback on a new model”Kathleen Klaasen, Tracy Groenewegen, Lori A. Mitchell, and Sandy Wilson
    Abstract: This article discusses key findings from a preliminary review of a nursing care delivery model implemented in Winnipeg, Manitoba, by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Home Care Program in 2014. Results suggest that the model is generally seen positively by staff but challenging to implement, given established administrative practices. To meet future demands on the healthcare system, home care programs need policies and procedures that empower nurses to perform as true community health nurses.
  • T1: What types of nursing intellectual capital (knowledge in people, structures and relationships) need to be leveraged more in healthcare?
  • T2: What kinds of work environments enable nurses to work to their full capacity/scope?
  • T3: Should the distribution of nurses in rural areas be based on geography?
  • T4: How can health leaders support innovation by and for nurses?

  1. Create a Twitter account.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter "hcldr" in the box that says “Enter a hashtag” and press "Enter."
  4. Choose log in with Twitter account.
  5. Click on "Authorize App."
  6. The hashtag #hcldr will automatically appear in the box that you type in and will be added to your tweets.
  7. Review the topics.
  8. Be on-line at 8:30pm EDT (for your local time click here) on Tuesday May 10.
  9. Join the conversation.

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