Monday, May 29, 2017

The Canadian Health Information Management Lifecycle

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A much needed resource for those with a responsibility for managing Health Information.

This resource will provide a framework to help answer the following questions:
  • What is the legal health record in a hybrid or electronic environment? 
  • How is information protected, shared, and exchanged across jurisdictions?
  • How are data quality and data integrity maintained when data are collected from a number of different sources and devices? 
  • Who is the custodian of the health record in a shared environment?
And so much more…

Key Features:

Offers considerations and guiding principles for the Canadian Health Information Management Lifecycle, such as:

  • collection and capture of data and organization of the data into information
  • maintenance and preservation in a secure and private environment
  • use and disclosure via authorized and authenticated paths
  • final disposition and destruction, and
  • evaluation and maintenance of the entire process.

This 290 page resource is available at this link for the low cost of $54.95, plus applicable taxes.

An eBook will also be available at the same link in 2-4 weeks for $24.95.

What Key Stakeholders Are Saying About The Resource:

“The concept of a Health Information Management Lifecycle is an essential underpinning for the increasingly important and complex world of health, health information and its management. The health system depends on information to provide quality care, as well as to support analytics, management and evaluation. Yet, in today’s world there is so much information it can be overwhelming; structure is needed to ensure that we make the best possible use of the information that is available. This reference document provides that needed structure, outlining the health information management lifecycle, its underlying principles and associated best practices. Those who manage health information will find it an invaluable aid in considering many areas of their work including those related to topics such as use, access, disclosure and retention of information.”

Joan Roch, M.Sc. Chief Privacy Strategist, Canada Health Infoway

“This HIM lifecycle resource will be useful to a wide range of jurisdictions that manage health information. The document will provide a summary of the recommended leading practices and principles related to managing health information throughout its lifecycle, regardless of the type of jurisdiction or information media.”

Stephen O’Reilly, Executive Director/Associate CIO, Information Technology Services, Canadian Institute for Health Information

“The minute I started reading, I knew this book was destined to be my most trusted choice for the management of health information in Canadian healthcare. This source is clear and concise and offers much more information than I expected. Thank you to all of the professionals who contributed to this valuable creation.”

Sue Schneider, BA, CHIM, CPHIMS-CA, Director, eHealth Standards, Architecture and Standards, eHealth Ontario

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