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Join us for the May Healthcare Management Forum tweetchat

(Ce programme n’est pas disponible en français.)

Be part of the conversation on Tuesday, May 16 at 8:30 p.m., EST.

According to Healthcare Management Forum’s guest editor for May, Alex Harris, RN, MN/MHSc, CHE, mentorship is a vehicle to achieve leadership excellence and one in which mutual partnership between mentors and mentees is essential.

Join authors as they discuss mentorship in healthcare in the May Healthcare Management Forum tweetchat.

We have partnered with Colin Hung, co-founder of the healthcare leader community #HCLDR, to deliver “Mentorship in healthcare,” inspired by the May 2017 edition of the journal. Special guests include Nadia Batara and Tony Woolgar.

Twitter handles, Forum articles, tweetchat topics and instructions can be found below.

Hashtag - #HCLDR

  1. Colin Hung - @Colin_Hung
  2. Canadian College of Health Leaders @CCHL_CCLS

  1. Colin Hung - @Colin_Hung
  2. Joe Babaian - @JoeBabaian

  1. Nadia Batara, MHA, Author and Performance Management Consultant, Mississauga Halton CCAC - @nadiaNB_
    Nadia Batara is a health professional with experience in various healthcare settings and organizations.  She completed her Master of Health Administration at the University of British Columbia and has received kind guidance and invaluable mentorship from seasoned leaders, which encourages Nadia to pay it forward through Emerging Health Leaders.
  2. Tony Woolgar, MBA, Author and Partner, Legacy Partners - @anthony_woolgar
    Tony Woolgar is a Partner and the Head of the National Healthcare Leadership Practice at Legacy Executive Search Partners in Toronto and was formerly one of the founding CEOs of the Local Health Integration networks in Ontario. Tony has a passion for optimizing the performance of individuals and teams to build successful organizations and careers and works with senior leadership teams, boards and individual leaders to achieve leadership excellence. Tony has also been involved in healthcare reform at the national level in the UK in the development of the Primary Care Strategy and was a member of the Government's '2020 Foresight Panel for the NHS'.
  3. Alex Harris, RN, MN/MHSc, CHE, Guest Editor and PhD Candidate, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing - @AlexHarrisRN
    Alex Harris is a Registered Nurse and PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. She holds a combined Master of Nursing/Master of Health Administration and is a Junior Fellow at Massey College in Toronto. Alex co-founded Emerging Health Leaders Toronto and is an Editorial Board member for Healthcare Management Forum. Her current research explores intellectual capital (knowledge assets) and its influence on hospital performance.


The mentorship imperative for health leadership” – Nadia Batara and Tony Woolgar
Abstract: Mentorship plays an important role in supporting the career development of health leaders. An examination of mentorship programs in different organizational settings provides a frame of reference to discuss and explore personal and professional mentorship experiences. Specifically, between October 2015 and April 2016, the Emerging Health Leaders (EHLs) National Health Leadership Conference (NHLC) working group collaborated on an environmental scan of mentorship programs and activities to understand innovations in mentorship. In April 2016, EHL Toronto developed a mentor feedback survey using the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework to capture the varied experiences of mentors engaged in EHL Toronto’s past mentorship events. A summary of these data presented at the 2016 NHLC situates a discussion on the highly interconnected and iterative nature of mentorship and leadership development in career progression. Mentorship is seen as a continuous journey of discovery, shared learning, and personal and professional development to achieve leadership excellence.

Discussion topics
  1. What makes a good mentor?
  2. As the workforce ages, how can senior health leaders engage their staff in mentorship opportunities?
  3. How can organizations embrace a mentorship culture to support developing leadership capacity?
  4. What do you think are true innovations in mentorship?

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  • Be on-line at 8:30pm EST (for your local time click here) on Tuesday May 16.
  • Chat!

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