Friday, February 26, 2016

BC Health Leaders Conference: 2016 Call for Abstracts

(Ce programme n’est pas disponible en français.)

BC Health Leaders Conference
November 1-2, 2016
Vancouver, BC

Themed Leading Through Engagement! Let’s cut to the chase…and engage! the BC Health Leaders Conference will delve into engagement in healthcare through 3 specific areas – self engagement, organizational engagement, and the healthcare system view of engagement guided by the LEADS Framework.

 We will be looking for answers to the questions we ask ourselves every day:
  • As a leader and team member, how can I actively inspire engagement with staff, colleagues, physicians and partners?
  • How does my organization embrace staff and physician engagement as a key policy?
  • Does healthcare view engagement as a “nice to have” or is it understood as a key enabler to produce ‘an engaged, skilled, well-led and healthy workforce that can provide the best patient & family-centred care?
We invite you to take this opportunity to share your particular expertise, experience or passion and submit your abstract on-line by Friday March 11, 2016!

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