Monday, March 30, 2015

The Mission Driven Health Care Organization: Turning Strategy’s Noble Aspirations into Accountability and Action

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Spotlight: Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA

Dr. Chris Bart is one of the world’s leading experts in helping organizations develop mission and vision statements that get results. He has unique expertise in helping firms organize their internal structure to better achieve their mission.

A dynamic, informative and thought-provoking speaker, Dr. Bart will give you the practical takeaway advice you need to lead your organization with new purpose and direction. Better yet, he will reveal to you the secrets he has discovered through his pioneering university research to make the leaders in your organization become truly focused and create a mission driven organization™

In The Mission Driven Hospital, Dr. Chris Bart brings his unparalleled expertise as the world's leading expert on mission statements to bear on health care providers, and hospitals in particular. The book is the result of Bart's latest research into the principles and practices of almost 500 hospitals.

Using case study examples drawn from real-life hospital operations, written in a clear language, and featuring the latest in in-depth research data, The Mission Driven Hospital is a practical, thorough, and essential step-by-step guide for hospital Boards and their CEOs looking to make their mission statements truly matter and thereby capture the elusive mission mystique!.

The Mission Driven Hospital has already been wholeheartedly endorsed by the health care leadership community in North America including the influential Ontario Hospital Association. It is predicted that The Mission Driven Hospital will become mandatory reading for every CEO and Board Chair in the health sector today. To learn more about The Mission Driven hospital, please visit  The book is available in both epub and hard copy versions at Barnes & Noble, amazon, itunes and Books for Business.

To share his insights related to the health care industry, Dr. Bart has graciously offered to provide a webinar to the members of our College on Wednesday, April 8 at noon EST. For more information, click here.

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